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Welcome to Max Traders Waste (UK)  

At Max Traders we specialise in handling all of your waste management requirements.   Including  Distribution warehouses, commercial and industrial sites and farms.  We can help you with all waste requirements ensuring  you get the best return for your unwanted waste. Our expertise lies in managing your materials as a one stop shop for all your recycling needs. 

Max Traders are the highly experiences in the waste sector with over 23 years experience in supporting business find waste solutions for their businesses.    

We also provide a waste consulting service for your business to formulate effective waste strategies contributing you your company's efforts to your environmental policy. 

We recycle all types of Waste 

some examples of the materials we have recycled. 

Our area of expertise 

We specialise in the Waste arena and provide tailored solutions to our clients.   

Waste Management Consultation 

Max Traders Waste helps clients formulate a waste strategy.  This also includes effective solutions on how to turn waste into renewable sources, contributing to the environmental factors of their company policies.

Waste Projects 

We work with our clients to recycle their products that could go back into their own production on their own premises or to alternative sources.   

Contract Management UK, Europe and Middle East.    

We support our waste partners where required to help them manage their waste contracts with third parties ensuring they meet all their contractual obligation and all the relevant waste  regulations are adhered. 

Trading National/International 

Max Traders trade raw recycling material both nationally and internationally always ensuring the material is going to a reputable source for recycling back to raw material and manufacturing.  

Purchase of End of Life Material 

Not all material can be recycled back to raw material for example Laminated rolls in these cases  we find solutions on how to reuse that material so it doesn't go to landfill and serves another purpose.   

Reduce cost of waste Recycling 

Once material is categorised and valued there are many solutions for reducing the cost and increasing profit margins.  We provide a host of options suitable for the client and their overall mantra to their environmental policies.   Depending on our clients main aim we provide a suitable cost effective solutions.  Always reducing the need to landfill.   

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Max Traders UK Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with registration number 5380740, operates three distinct subsidiaries: Max's Traders Waste, Max's Consultancy, and Maxs Recruitment. Each company functions independently, providing specialized services to clients in different industries. Despite their separate operations, all three companies share the same underlying commitment to quality, reliability, and client satisfaction, which has established Max Traders UK Limited's reputation as a leader in the business world.


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VAT Registration No 888346662

Waste Carrier and Broker  registration No EAN/9444483/CB

Accredited Exporter  

Accreditation EPB UK Processing Plastics

+44 (0) 7904328987


Affiliated Companies :   Max's Recruitment  & Max's Consulting